October 5, 2011

Bag Lady... WIP

I finished Sara's Georgia Tech bag and I think it's looks fabulous!  I love how simple the pleats are and I couldn't be happier with the fabric choice!  Sophisticated on the outside, totally Ga Tech on the inside!  (kind of like the mullet of handbags?  Buisness on the outside, party on the inside?)

 I added a couple of fun features to the bag too.   The strap can be shortened to shoulder bag length (shown) or it can be let out all the way and be a cross-body bag-- perfect for wandering around a stadium hands-free!   This bag is a nice, big size-- big enough to carry everything you need an a jacket or sweatshirt, so keys can get lost easily!  I added a ribbon with a clasp on the end so Sara can clip her keys to it-- they'll always be handy!  No more digging through your purse!

I had some scrap fabric left over, so I made a matching clutch, key fob, and "Buzz" pin.  Sara can clip the pin to her purse or jacket for game day to show a little extra team spirit!

I've also been a busy make a suprise fall bag for my mom!  I made her a bag for mother's day last spring.  She had told me she wanted something to carry her ipad and two travel mugs to church with (my parents are hip like that-- no bibles or notebooks- use the ipad!  And they drink coffee in style!).  I made her a tote for it, and she's used it as her everyday purse ever since!  With fall here, she needed a purse with fall colors (she loves jewel tones) so I picked up some home dec fabric and got started. 
Because my mom carries her ipad with her all the time, I wanted to make her a purse that had an ipad sleeve in it.  I used this free pattern to make the bag and I think it turned out great!  I adapted it by adding an ipad sleeve... 
 (inside: ipad sleeve)

And including an interior zipper pocket and key clip thingy (I need a name for this-- key tether?  key line?  gonna work on that...).  Clearly I'm big on not loosing your keys in your purse. 

I got the fabric for a steal at Warehouse Fabrics too!  The fabric I used for the lining and accent I got at JoAnn's. 

This week's stats:
  • Sara's Georgia Tech bag
  • top secret bag design (mom's ipad purse)
In Progress:
  • Sugar's "Pip" of a doggy bed
  • various bags for etsy
In the queue:
  • Christmas Quilt
  • Baby B's blankets
  • Hope Valley quilt
  • Sewing Room accessories: sewing machine cover, string catcher, clip boards, quilt/design boards, embroidery kit

Completed projects - 2
Currently in progress -2
No Progress- 2
In the Queue- 6
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  • Sugar's "pip" of a studio bed
  • new products for the etsy store!


  1. What a nice surprise! I moved to the new fall purse today and really feel like I am styling with the best! Can't wait to head out the door!
    I used to sew for you, and I never dreamed you'd be sewing for me! Love you! Mom

  2. haha - i did laugh at the mullet comment - i christened the pouch i just made a mullet - all business at the front and a party at the back!!

    great bags